OHVMA Storm Evacuation Plan

Thursday, Dec 31, 2020 (9:00 am - 9:00 am)

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Leaders: Jim Edwards
Nicole Edwards

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This is an excercise to help you develop a plan for a storm which requires evacuation.  It covers the very basic of needs and is designed to get you thinking about what you will do when the next storm comes that requires evacuation.  Please click "+Signup" below to complete the short form so that we know your plans to keep your boat and the Marina safe.

If you need assistance with your plan, please feel free to call the Marina office (252-249-0777) and we can assist you with options that are available.  Local Business, Marinas, and Boat Yards offer different options for which you can inquire.  

Some places include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bow to Stern Boating - 252-249-2424
  2. Deaton's Yacht Services - 252-249-1180
  3. Sailcraft Services - 252-249-0522
  4. Bridgeton Boat Works - 252-633-1090
  5. Wayfarers Cove - 252-249-0200
  6. Hurricane Boat Yard - 252-745-3369
  7. River Dunes - 252-249-4908
  8. Jarret Bay - 252-728-2690

If you would like Bow to Stern Boating to assist you, Click here and follow the link to: BOW TO STERN - Storm Preparedness Program.

Make plans early and ALWAYS have a backup ready to go as plans often change during storms and places fill quickly.  Remember, any option you choose for your boat, you will be responsible for creating the plan and ensuring it is followed.

Estimated Time of Arrival
Hopefully not in 2020.
Where to Go....
Somewhere away from OHVMA that is safe
What to Bring...
Foul Weather Gear.
Payment Policy
Verify Insurance Policy.
Cancellation Policy
Call Mother Nature


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